Day: April 11, 2018

Snowboarding Tips for Beginners

When you are starting off with snowboarding, it can seem like the most difficult sport on earth.

That happens with every beginner snowboarder. So, relax.

What’s more important is that with a few simple tips, you should be better prepared to tackle those slopes and with some effort, you should be able to master this amazing sport in no time.

Here are a few very important snowboard tips.

Hone your skating skills

That’s not the skating you do on a skateboard by the way. That’s when you use your back foot to push or propel yourself forward. Why is this skill crucial? Because when you approach the lift or exit it, you won’t have both feet strapped in. One of them will be in the binding and the other will be free. Learning to skate will make life a lot easier for you in the early days.

Hire the experts

You might watch all the YouTube videos and tutorials that you want to. But nothing will prepare you for the real deal. You need to have an expert to guide you. Don’t cut corners. Hire an expert for lessons. They don’t charge exorbitantly and what you learn in a few days will make all the difference. You will learn the right technique, you won’t try advanced lessons yourself which you will always be tempted to, you won’t learn bad technique or get demotivated.

Learn the fundamentals

The most important one is to bend your knees and bend it enough so that you cushion any knocks and bumps that you encounter. Also, not bending your knees can make you fall more often.

Go across rather than downhill

Its every snowboarder’s dream to go downhill at full speed. But when you are starting off, you need to learn to control your speed and the best way to do it is to go across rather than down. You might still pick up more speed than what you can control. But in this scenario, you can always check the speed by changing direction and going uphill.

Keep your eye on your destination

Looking to go across the hill? Keep your eyes glued there. There will be less chances of your body changing directions and going downhill instead.

Ditch that beginners slope

The beginners slope has a soothing effect on a budding snowboarder. It has the perfectly smooth angle, the lift that takes them right back up and many other beginners who cant snowboard. Quite motivating. But that might be detrimental to your long term goals. Step out from that beginners slope and start practicing at a mid-level run that allows you to focus on your technique without a hundred people falling in front of you.

Get the right Gear

Charlie just gave me his old snowboard for real cheap so I’m sorted for learning on that!

Last but not the least, get yourself gear that’s suited for your skill level and that fits you. It’s fine to start off with rental equipment but once you gain some expertise, invest in quality gear. It will save you tons of hassles, money and even an accident.